A Serving of Santosha – A Commitment to Contentment

Wikipedia defines it as …..

Santosha (skt. संतोष saṃtoṣa, santōṣḥ) literally means “contentment, satisfaction”. It is also an ethical concept in Indian philosophy, particularly Yoga, where it is included as one of the Niyamas by Patanjali

I came across this idea in my yoga practice. In a moment of stress anxiety and anger at my supposed new and flexible form. For month’s I had been practicing yoga and getting better each day. The thing about yoga is that it IS a PRACTICE which means you have to do it often. An unexpected break turned into me struggling with videos I used to breeze through. YouTube autoplay shuffled some meditation into my queue and a video about finding Santosha found me. Whether you find contentment in a new recipe, the next vintage or seasonal brew, or perhaps the latest and greatest meditation I hope that you discover some of that here.



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