Meinklang Foam : A Pét-Nat For The People

Like most 90’s babies, the term Pét-Nat has been around long enough to become engrained in the culture and is now firmly planted in our collective minds. Popularized by natural winemakers Thierry Puzzelat and Christian Chaussard the term is a shortened version of Pétillant-naturel or wine made in the ancestral method.

It is popularly described as Champagne’s cousin and I personally adore the comparison. Champagne is bougie and “nuanced” like some of my cousins and Pét-Nat is bubbling with excitement like me. All jokes aside they do differ in several distinct ways the most important being the fact that Pét-Nat is bottled before the first fermentation. No added sugars or yeasts mean that these wines are the adult version of those mystery Dum-Dums. Unfiltered and cloudy these wines can run the gamut in regards to carbonation. That coupled with all of those funky naturally occurring sugars and yeasts produce uniquely flavored chuggable bottles of wonder.

Which brings me to the star of the show …..


This is Meinklang Foam ! Foam is a Pinot Gris that enjoys long level walks on the beach (keep both your good eyes on this wine when opening for she may explode), a constant chill and an adventurous palate. This wine is light and easy drinking with aromas reminiscent of candied apricots and flavors of orange marmalade with a spritzy cider-like finish.


When I heard the details of this wine I knew I had to try it and I was more than pleased by what I tasted. More often than not in my personal experience, Pét-Nat’s tend to be FUNKY which I enjoy but can be off-putting for others. However once you get past opening the bottle and CAREFULLY pouring yourself a glass the fruit aromas will dance past your nose and cause you to turn you head ,squint and take a sip .



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