V is Valdiguié or The Artist Formerly Know As Napa Gamay

Valdiguié …….the name rolls off your tongue and inspires everyone around you to utter gesundheit ! It is thought to have been initially cultivated in either  1874 or 1884 and for a very long time was known in this country as Gamay , Napa Gamay or Gamay Beaujolais .Emphasis on was,because we now know that they are two totally different varietals.So what’s the deal ? Who is this grape ? Why as it allowed to falsely claim the wrong set for so many years ?

 In the late 1800’s this grape was more in demand than Canadian citizenship information after Super Tuesday.  Which is no surprise when you take into account that Valdiguié  brought high yields and Oidium (powdery mildew) resistance to the table. In fact, the varietal was so popular that the European Union later went on to use if for all sorts of bulk wine and spirits production.
More recently this varietal has found a permanent home in Napa Valley. I recently had the pleasure of tasting Broc Cellars 2014 vintage Valdiguié and it definitely gave me some perspective on this new -to -me varietal. I found it to be nice and easy drinking with lots of fresh blackberry flavor. It put me in the mind of a softer- style of Merlot or a Pacific Northwest Pinot Noir. I think it was a great introduction to Valdiguié and I look forward to tasting more.

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