“Meditation Is A Way To Let The Noise Settle And See What’s Inside”- Russell Simmons

I came across this quote when trying to find the inspiration to meditate. It will be adopted  Being Mary Jane -style into my life because it is one of the realest things I have seen when it comes to Meditation. Before I did yoga there were  usually two schools of thought that I applied to the practice. The first being that it’s some weird hippy activity that I would have to baptize myself in patchouli to excel at. The second that it wasn’t for me because I have never been able to quiet my mind.

I was wrong on both accounts, the thoughts and feelings that were interrupting me are more often than not issues that I have been subconsciously neglecting. The constant creation of grocery lists isn’t a negative reflection of myself as a yogi it’s my body saying perhaps my new plant based diet transition needs some tweaking. There is no set place or outfit for meditation, if I need a moment at the curb after my Uber driver goes the wrong way down a one-way I am entitled ! It’s about ME and my mental hygiene and when you are busy working and living life sometimes the needs of others supersedes your own. So step back and take a breath let the noise settle and see what’s inside you today.


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