Your Favorite Coffeemaker & Tablet Had A Wine Baby !

Earlier today I came across an article on Eater about the newest wine gadget on the scene.



image courtesy of CNBC 

Meet Kuvee the wine receptacle of the future. Kuvee is a wifi enabled wine bottle complete with touchscreen and a full dossier on whichever selection you have chosen for the evening. The bottle is an opaque shell that utilizes a cartridge system which allows you to effortlessly switch from wine to wine with ease. These super sleek cartridges are “oxygen proof”and are composed of a bag and aluminum can duo that promises to keep wine fresh for 30 days.

The bottle will retail somewhere around $180 and cartridges will range from $15 – $30 dollars a pop. There are other wine systems that help you enjoy your favorite grapes just a little longer so what sets Kuvee apart ? It’s new and shiny and vaguely reminiscent of the latest iOS/Android  device radiating your pockets. While the price tag may be jarring to some if you are a wine lover or someone who loves food and wine gadgets this could be your jam !

There are a couple of complaints which I can understand. First of all the bottle is black so it’s pretty difficult to see through that nevermind determine how much Pinot Gris is actually inside of an” oxygen-proof”cartridge. There is also some criticism about the selection of wines but in my personal opinion, it’s all malarkey. Producers these days are looking for new and green ways to package their wares and this has Christmas 2016 written ALL over it.


Although it supplies you with sweet nectar please don’t be fooled this is an electronic device that will need to be charged( comes complete with docking station). It will be debuting soon in California where they source the juice and Boston where they source the technology. IF it is available in your hood (please check the map below) you can get more information about Kuvee here and details on their Indiegogo campaign here 


images courtesy of the Indiegogo page

CNBC and Engadget have two pretty thorough reviews that honestly piqued my interest and I would love to compare it next to the Coravin Wine Access System but a girl can only dream…


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