Cruelty-Free ?

It’s more than just the bunny and probably not what you think. 2016 has been filled with a personal quest to live better and that is not limited to just eating right and doing yoga. Looking into where and by what means my beauty products and cleaning supplies are produced is forefront in my mind as a consumer now. Cruelty-free is defined as several different things depending on who you ask and what criteria you deem necessary.

The Leaping Bunny 



A production of the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetic’s is the gold standard for Cruelty-free labeling. They maintain a comprehensive list of companies that meet their standards, blog , downloadable/ wallet size printable guide ( available by request) as well as an app available on both the App Store and Google Play.

Founded in ’96 to check the  shenanigan laced labeling that plagued the industry at the time. With written criteria and a very informative FAQ  they inspire trust in the best way by setting a precedent of being clear , concise and involved.

So what about things labeled Cruelty-free that surprisingly/suspiciously missing a Leaping Bunny co-sign ?

That is a dense foggy blanket of a gray area. There is the possibility that the product in your hand has all the traits of the next Ms.Leaping Bunny 2016 but she never entered the competition. Also, some claims of being Cruelty-free are fugazi because they refer to the finished product instead of the ingredients and finished product.

Not all companies submit themselves to the Leaping Bunny Program. Technically companies can also outsource their savagery to someone else and still maintain that they are “Cruelty-free”. The only way to truly know for yourself is to demand receipts. Another quick tip I found out is that the whole ” only testing products on animals, when required by law” thing is bogus ! The US and EU don’t play that and the only other large market for beauty goods that requires this BS is China.

The bottom line is the legal criteria for Cruelty-free doesn’t exist. Companies are free to define the term as they like. Just because something doesn’t carry the Leaping Bunny label doesn’t necessarily mean it wasn’t produced by ethical and animal-friendly means.However if you do see the bunny you can go to their website and see exactly what they think is acceptable. Otherwise, you will have to resort to the bane of my conscious shopping existence …. research.





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