Wet N’ Wild Ultimate Brow Universal Stencil Kit


Available at Drugstore.com  for $5.99

I have had a thousand different types of stencils, eyebrow wax / powder / highlight trios and specialty tweezers in my time painting my mug. More often than not the tweezers are trash, the powders are off and the stencils are damn near meme-worthy.

But then I came across this little thing of beauty.  Decent pigmentation on the powders as well as the ability to actually use the highlight shade and not be ashy made it a winner for me. My brows looked well manicured and not too dark ( the stencils are sturdier than Kirk Franklin’s milly rock) the flexibility of the stencils allowed me to manipulate the two parts of the stencil to create my perfect shape.


The stencils after a hard core practice brow session on paper .
I purchased this using my own funds from Walgreen’s at a dollar mark up accourding to most of the listings I saw online. Lesson learned take a pic , do some research and then pounce! As I mentioned in Cruelty-Free ? I have been trying to be better about looking into the things that I put on my body like the things I put in my body.


On Fleek !



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