“Or maybe, ‘delicious’ has nothing much to do with the taste itself. Maybe it has more to do with memories.” Hanny Kusumawati on instant noodles that taste like home. via The Short History of Instant Noodles — Discover

The Vegetarian |#TheBiblioFiles

  As someone who is transitioning to a more plant-based lifestyle, I was attracted to the little that I did hear about the book. Upon first listen ( my “copy” was an audiobook) I was horrified and enamored by the tale of Yeong-hye and the strange tale of her transition to vegetarianism. I was informed enough to…

The History of Pho — Discover

“Rice is the dutiful wife you can rely on, we say. Pho is the flirty mistress you slip away to visit.” Read an excerpt of Andrea Nguyen’s The Pho Cookbook at Lucky Peach. via The History of Pho — Discover Pho’get about it !

G is for Gose

Do you know Gose ? You should let me tell you why ……….