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As someone who is transitioning to a more plant-based lifestyle, I was attracted to the little that I did hear about the book. Upon first listen ( my “copy” was an audiobook) I was horrified and enamored by the tale of Yeong-hye and the strange tale of her transition to vegetarianism. I was informed enough to know that this wasn’t a light read but ………..


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This is the weirdest book that I have experienced and I would do it all again. Perhaps I may have been driven to mad if I was reading as opposed to listening. The change of voice definitely helped with the pacing but even though I was bewildered by the story it was fascinating.What would you really do if you felt misunderstood everyone you know ? How far should you allow your creative urges push you ? When do you wave your white flag ? How much should a dream or nightmare haunt you ?

I thought I knew until I clicked on The Vegetarian and the only thing I know is that Han Kang will definitely be on my radar. I’ve read pretty of differing opinions about this book but I loved it. I am at a place in my personal life where I am questioning what and why I believe what I believe.Part of that comes with giving others space to just be without my opinion.  However, the characters are written in such a way that is painfully hard to not identify their feelings even if you don’t agree. You become invested in not only Yeong-hye but her entire family because they all fit into the story in their own unique way.

This book had me unable to can. Confusion, horror and irritation where constant friends of mine as I listened.Themes like violence, agency , support, passion, and understanding were intertwined within the relationships of the characters. For me this was the auditory version of gawking at a car accident and once I finally roll past the wreckage I feel ….


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I have so many feels about this book but the main one is the urge to recommend it. I’m a hardcore food/mystery/chick-lit/YA reader and this challenged me to think about life in a different way. Every book isn’t funny or filled with sunshine and rainbows and sometimes a book leaves you questioning humanity. All the pages should be turned and if you are looking for something that will challenge you I highly recommend it.




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