#WhatIDrank Sixpoint Jammer

Every summer for the last couple of years I have engaged in a special romance of sorts. My “type” is cool, sort of strong and definitely a cheap date since we will be meeting often.


This is one of the main contenders if I may say I fell in love with the packaging so of course I swiped right. But then I took my first sip and fell in love ! Jammer is salty and sour but simultaneously chuggable. I mean it’s good but no need to rush because at 4.0 AbV you can drink this ALL day. This is a perfect candidate for a picnic or a beach day. I especially appreciate the juxtaposition of light tart pome fruit and brine it make me crave all manner of seafood and fried bits.


This beer might be my new summer bae. Last summer I leaned toward a boozy Belgian farmhouse ale but I think I need to lighten the mood and take a swim on the salty side !

SIDENOTE : I would be remiss not to mention that this lovely little brew is made with salt from Jacobsen Salt Company. If you aren’t familiar take some time and browse the site because when you offer things like Black Garlic Salt, Hot Honey made with Scorpion chilies, and when it’s back in stock this baller salt sampler.


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