I take food memories very seriously. As someone who hopes to make working in food and wine a permanent fixture in my life I view them as currency. While wine is subjective and in theory I can’t tell you what to taste we live in a world of ” Well actually ..” I say all this to say that a solid story about the flavor profile of an apple you had in third grade is more meaningful then some opinionated anecdote you overheard another jerk say at a tasting.

One of my finest wine memories is of the 2013 Cast Your Fate To The Wind ( Whole Cluster Cabernet Franc) This was at a time when I was tasting a lot of new varietals and trying to find my sweet spot. Cabernet Franc was in the lead I had several iterations that all had a nice balance of acid and flavor but not overwhelmingly tannic. Whole cluster fermented AND from Long Island ? Seemed right up my alley. I was not disappointed simultaneously juicy and jammy with just enough acid and the most wonderful combination of berry flavors I had ever tasted. Before then I never quite got how people could go on and on about wine they had years before but in that moment I knew.

Fast forward to present day and when I saw the specifications of this particular blend I knew it would be mine. 50% Cabernet Franc , 25 % Malbec, 25% Petite Verdot and from the place of my dreams !

All of which were lovingly grown 100% Certified Organic at the only organic and biodynamic vineyard in Long Island. This wine swam over my palate with notes of cranberry, skin (red grapes) , and clove with a slightly bitter finish.Very nice baking spice aroma and acidity that made my mouth pucker slightly I will be definitely be purchasing again ! Although the property is now closed you can still purchase online or at a local fermented grape juice dealer near you ( if they are cool).


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