Food For Thought

As a child, one of my favorite things to do was read. Of, in between the many volumes I kept coming in between the mysteries and YA dramedy was the Chicken Soup For The Soul volumes 1- 999,991. Although I found the stories comforting I always laughed at the name. How could a book feed your soul? How could words sustain your soul? Very easily if you relax take a deep breath and get lost in the pages.

So much of my struggles as a young adult I can now trace back to lack discipline in my self-care. Losing my center and putting myself last became the top priority. In years past I read like it was my job that turned into only reading for class and then never at all because ..WORK. All that time I spent lost in stories and visulaizing myself anywhere doing all things was my meditation. It was the only way that I knew to take space for myself to be quiet and still.

Somewhere along the line I lost myself or rather my duty to myself. When I stopped reading as much and never replaced it I began to deny myself sancutary from the outside world. As I read more books, listen to new music , wirte more often and love freely I also challenge you to ask yourself when’s the last time you fed your soul and did it enjoy the meal ?


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