New Moon In Aries !

Hello, Happy New Year!

While most households around the world celebrate the New Year in January if you have astrological inclinations you reserve this celebration until March 20th. The Spring Equinox not only brings about a new season but also a new energy.

Today marks the New Moon in Aries and what an exciting time to be alive! Aries is represented by the Ram. Full of life, movement and critical thinking abilities this sign is definitely filled with fire. The moon governs our emotions so this time is filled with passionate go-getter energy. Wit, self-confidence, and independence are all hallmarks of this sign as well.This is a time to reevaluate and focus on yourself. Have your “resolutions” fallen to the wayside in 2017? Perhaps using this energy to transform them into intentions can be a major key for you.


When you are reflecting and reevaluating your self-care routine spare some time for your relationships with others as well. Venus is currently in retrograde and that can present challenges to all relationship dynamics. This is a time where quiet reflection might serve better than fiery confrontation.  After all, while Aries embodies vitality it can also represent impatience and always fire. Taking a step back and discerning which direction to take a conversation ( or rather whether it should take place at all) can be of great service. Going inward can sometimes be more efficient seeing as the only behavior we can change is our own.

GO OUTSIDE ! The sun is waiting to charge you up and the ground is waiting for your steps at her back. What’s your relationship to outside? Take a moment to smell the roses, skip a rock and let the sun shine on your face before you take on that Aries energy and charge into the next lunar cycle.

Later today I will be posting up some more fun things for the New Moon but if you would like to read a little more about the topic here are some links that I enjoyed from this weekend……

New Moon in Aries : Affirmations for the Week of March 27th

If you are into astrology and you haven’t already heard of Chani Nicholas then you are most welcome. Her horoscopes are very accessible to the astrology novice and have definitely peaked my interest in not just reading my horoscope but also unpacking my chart. Her shop is also filled with informative goodies as well.

New Moon In Aries

The Hoodwitch has been a personal wealth of information on meditation, tarot, and crystals. This post keeps up that tradition it’s short and sweet and packed with information on candles and herbs for this time as well.

New Moon in Aries March 27/28 2017 is a new blog to me but informative all the same. As I learn more about astrology and spirituality I enjoy reading blogs like this because of the opportunity to learn about the stars as well as traditions that are not my own. I found this post to be a pretty chill read with lots of points for further research.




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